Dainty Magazine August/September

CoverContent1EditorialAugustIssueHunniCG1HunnGraphicHunnzMakeUpMainAMake-UpPage1 copymakeup2AccessorizeYourLookBetseyJandTarinaTAYL-BJpicksAYL-TT10SummerHits110SummerHits210SummerHits310SummerHits4da1DA2MissSixtyyKiraMissSixtyOutfit1AnnaMissSixtyOutfit2GoGreenTheExtentionMissGobbiPage1athankyou


14 Responses to “Dainty Magazine August/September”

  1. princessstar21 Says:

    great job!
    worth the wait!


  2. That’s AH-MAZING issue,guys,you know?it’s the best one so far!

  3. stardollbeautymag Says:

    Really nice!

    The best issue so far!

  4. I DO love it!
    GReat Job Hrisi!

  5. Rachiie.xx Says:

    Awsome!Luv it. x3
    Lol It – Especially The Graphics!
    Gr8 Job,Gals!

  6. coolcute98 Says:

    This mag is really good!

  7. Dαωn♥ Says:

    I luv it hristina! you did a very good job! ❤

  8. Wow! It’s amazing!
    And so colourful!!! & I adore colour ❤
    The articles are great, Worth reading and The graphics are stunning. :]
    Well done! 😀
    One of my fav magazines!! x

  9. Melissa54321 Says:

    I love it! Best issue by far!! But it’s lacking originality. Seems like any magazine.

  10. princesstay101 Says:

    Absolutely amazing job,currently the best working magazine in Stardoll.
    The cover is adorable,fabulus job!

    princesstay101 xoox

  11. TopMedoll/Cool.Loser.12 Says:

    Best issue so far! However, I’m surprised about the lack of creativity. As Dainty progresses, it seems like it’s turning into one of the most popular Stardoll magazines- Eternity. Now, don’t start yelling at me, but I’ve just noticed a few familiarities. Anyways, good job.

    • daintymagazine Says:

      I don’t think there is even 1% similarity with Eternity,dear.If you at least read the articles you will find out this,but it seems like you’re the next person,who judges by the cover.

  12. What software do you use?

  13. charmed_1996 Says:


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