Dainty Magazine May’09




18 Responses to “Dainty Magazine May’09”

  1. 3 words :
    I love it !!

    The graphics are fantastic , every issue you get better and better !

  2. I simply love the issue!
    Great job! Perfect graphics, good choice of covergirl, innovetory ideas. Love it! xxx

  3. So,we made it!After some difficulties we are ready to cut the huge Dainty cake.We are glad to inform you that our beautiful Cover Girl is *rere* a.k.a Rebecca!We hope you’re going to comment and .. what else?

    Start reading us as your very favorite Stardoll Magazine!

  4. It is so good 🙂

  5. boowow_1998 Says:

    Lub it. Just how I lub Fay 😀

    Btw, I thought I was gonna be in the make-up thingy… O_o

  6. boowow_1998 Says:

    Because Charlii toled me I would..


  7. I love it! ❤

  8. Wow, bea-utiful!

  9. i dont like it sorry.youre awful graphic maker!!!

  10. I think the issue is amazing and I have no words!Here is what inspired and and amazed me at most:

    1)Content – clear,interesting and nothing like the other stardoll magazines!
    2)Stylize your Birkin – amazing ideas – these 3 chic ways are ferocious!
    3)The cover girl – amazing graphic design,awesome interview,everything is WOW,WOW,WOW!
    4)The Dainty Diva – I like that she shares her expirience and help the girls,without seeking fame telling her name and revealing her identity. + She is a really good advisor.
    5)My idea of being myself – I think that’s a great page,I just chose a motto for my day and now I don’t feel stupid or too clever.I feel myself.

    I liked the Spring Trends and Kasia’s guest page also.
    Best wishes and GO DAINTY!

  11. Love it!!!

    I love the models!


  12. A-mazing! City in chick is my favourite page and collumn 🙂
    A huge well done.

  13. Lindsay (3750) Says:

    I just love it! It is amazing, and you are very talented.

  14. Great graphics,Amazing interview & so.Lookin’ forward the next issue!!!

  15. I love it (: great job girls xx

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