February 2009 issue.

Half issue uploaded,we’ll upload more within the week.






19 Responses to “February 2009 issue.”

  1. Love the cover 🙂

    This issue is really nice!

  2. Congrats guys! The graphics are fabulous! U picked a fabulous covergirl. The articles are all perfectly written. I can’t wait to see the rest of the issue!

  3. daintymagazine Says:

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Lovely issue.As a close friend of Hrisi,I must say she afford much time on creating Dainty.It’s wonderful to see one quickly growing magazine with awesome team and..talent!Go Hrisi and D team! 🙂

  5. omg I love it! and thank u for my awesome green mak up!

  6. This Issue Is AWESOME!

  7. I love it so far! Emma looks great. (:

  8. Sweet_3094 Says:

    Yay! Thank you so much for everything (: It’s a huge honor for me being the cover girl of this fantastic magazine…
    I love the issue, it’s absolutely fabulous! Great work girls!


  9. I like this one well,much.

  10. BELLA.SWAN Says:

    HEY,That’s cool!

  11. This isn’t the whole issue!?
    OMG,I can’t wait to see the rest of it!
    Already inlove in Dainty Magazine!

    KiKi {: xoxoxx

  12. Dat’s so cool.Love dainty!

  13. Hey,Hey,It’s me-Hristina,Dainty’s Editor-In-Chief.I want to thank Fayasi,the present Co-Editor-in-chief for her graphics:
    Main Page of the CG’s interview
    The Stardoll Juice advertisement
    Co-Editor-In-Chief’s Letter.

    Get ready for the rest of the issue.
    We’re sorry for the inconvenience. :]


  14. princessstar21 Says:

    i love this magazine!

  15. First of All – Just let me say that D A I N T Y is one of my favorite Stardoll Magazines. It reminds me so much of E t e r n i t y (in a good way). Your use of colors, shades of 3D, and Backgrounds show that you dare to be different. I do have a few suggestions though:

    A] I would try not to use the same layout as E t e r n i t y (Even though it has Resigned from the News Stands for Good) also – in the makeup lesson, you basically have the same hair, models, and design as E t e r n i t y which could throw readers off and it would be considered as “swagger-jack”.

    B] I, myself, am getting better each day with my graphics and when my new Issue releases you will see our graphics are just as good as STYLE or E t e r n i t y – and I got that way because I practiced on Paint vs. Photoshop. The two programs do help well. [Ex. photoshop is terrific with 3D Shadows, Graphical Effects, ect. While Paint is basic and easier to use / understand] therefore, I have delayed my innerBEAUTY Issue until I know my graphics are up-to-part.

    C] I suggest you outline your pages with a bold, black liner & Seperate the articles, with the pages by adding thin or bold [whichever you perfer] lines.

    I am not here to change D A I N T Y or criticize you because [like I said] innerBEAUTY isn’t anywhere near as good as D A I N T Y is but we new magazines have to work twice or even three times as hard to get the same feed-back as [Ex. STYLE magazine]. So keep your head up, continue making wonderful D A I N T Y and just know we ALL love it.


  16. XOXOkatieXOXO Says:

    I think this magazine is cool and I think it’s better than Eternity.
    It has future,I believe sooooo…

    Kizzez & Huggies.
    Kattttiiieee. xxxx

  17. Hello,Kenziyah.To be honest,you annoyed me a little bit,because you said that DAINTY remind you on Eternity in good way – and then – started to criticize that we copy it.Well,you don’t even understand how hard we work to be nothing same and even similar as other Stardoll Magazine.We first started to invent out contents and the way we name every single column of it.Then,we just decided that the same 10 MUST-HAVES and LOOK LIKE REAL STAR just have to be out,like I said – I hate similarities and that was our point for getting these topics out!
    About Photoshop – You’re right,I am not perfect,but I own it from like 3-4 month and the first month I didn’t even know what to do,so – criticize me or not,I agree that I am nothing but myself in doing graphics.
    Hope you understand that we are really brand new and different,because that’s our point of working!
    I don’t wanna criticize INNER BEAUTY,although there are some really mportant things to repair,I just like you and look at you they way you are – inner beauty!

    Love,Hristina. :]

  18. It seemed like you were directing some anger towards me. Its not that important. I know you work hard, honey – so does everyone else. So dont get the big head.

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